Economic Transitions is an outcomes driven company delivering strategies to ensure the sustainability of regional communities.

We work with our clients to ensure the transition from a good business to a great business is effortless. Our clients vary in location, industry and size, from emerging regional businesses to mid-tierorganisations. However they recognise the need to transition through developing business strategy, effective marketing, funding opportunities or staff training.

Our experience and expertise cross many sectors:

Our Approach is all about your business.  To deliver the best results, we work with you and your team through a four step approach:

We listen to you tell us where you want your business to be.   We share your vision and work with you to develop the most suitable strategy to transform your business or community economically to one this is sustainable by adding value and seeking opportunities.  We work with you through the economic transition, anticipating your questions and providing solutions to problems.  We review the results, modify the strategy, and congratulate you on your achievements.

Director Kim Hewson and her team of consultants provide services in the following four areas, consistent with their skills and experience:

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