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Economic Transitions has recently been appointed to complete a project for the Shire of Leonora to help them launch a new geo-trail in the region. Geotourism is a huge potential growth area for the Goldfields, as identified by Economic Transitions’ work with the Shire.

The plan includes a total of 30 geocaching and geo-trail sites across the Northern Goldfields, predominantly focused around the Agnew and Darlot loop trails, stretching from Leinster to Leonora. While the geo-trail site will provide an educational opportunity for travellers on the landscape and geology of the area, the geocaching trail will allow the Shire to participate in the recent phenomenon; a mixed virtual and real life treasure hunt.

Economic Transitions Principal, Kim Hewson, said: “It’s starting to become a big industry, especially for remote areas around the world. It’s still a relatively new category for Australia, but we think it’s a real coup for Leonora. When we commenced the project we were surprised to find three existing geo-caching sites; so people are obviously keen!

“The idea behind the trails is based on feedback and ideas from the town’s residents and has been further expanded to incorporate a new tourism product. Economic Transitions worked with stakeholders and held workshops to gain support and insight into the region.

“Geo-trails and geocaching were two key projects identified in the workshops. The objective was to keep people in the region for longer – by creating new attractions like the trail, we encourage extended stays and make the Northern Goldfields experience even more fun.”

The plan should come into action later this year.


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