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Archaeological study begins at Jurien Bay, creating new potential attraction for tourists

As part of our work with the Northern Tourism Alliance, Economic Transitions has been delighted to find out more about projects coming to the region. One such project is the announcement of a new archaeological survey taking place in Jurien Bay.

Archaeologists Bob Sheppard, Zack Sheppard and Steve Wells, from Heritage Detection Australia, have returned from working on a remote island in Vietnam to Western Australia and have now begun an archaeological survey at the Radar Station 48 site at North Head, Jurien Bay.

The Heritage Detection Australia team carried out a heritage survey at the North Head Radar Station in 2016 and are looking forward to excavations at sites.

Bob Sheppard said: “We had some very interesting initial findings and now we’re beginning the survey, we should be able to gain a better understanding of the structures and the people who lived and worked there during World War Two. The Radar Station was an integral part of Western Australia's defences from 1943-1945.”

Kim Hewson, from Economic Transitions, the consultancy assisting with the tourism strategy for the region, said the project was exciting and one that could have a big impact on tourism.

“People are so interested in the history of our country, and to have this kind of study taking place really opens the door for new tourism attractions, historical boards and even walking tours. It will be wonderful to see the results and to work with the Shire and the region to maximise these opportunities.

The work conducted by Heritage Detection Australia is being supported by the Shire of Dandaragan. The Northern Tourism Alliance is supported by the Wheatbelt Commission, the State Government of Western Australia and Royalties for Regions.


North Head exploration site


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